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Solar Panel Cleaning

We offer safe and reliable solar panel cleaning. We use a pure water procces to clean your solar Panels. We scrub, agitate, and Rinse your panels in order to bring them back to looking new and running at optimal power.

Many things can limit  the ability of the Solar panels to retain the sunlight which will in turn decrease the amount of generated electricity. Things such as rain, dust, urban pollution, and bird droppings can cloud these surfaces and affect their efficiency. This results in you losing the money that you are trying to save in the first place. Reach out to us for a one time cleaning or to get you on a cleaning schedule to keep your solar panels working at there highest ability all year long.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Murrieta

Do you need to get your solar panels cleaned?

The Short answer is yes!
Keeping solar panels clean can  improve their efficiency. Some manufacturers and solar panel users report a jump in efficiency of 30 percent or more after a cleaning.  keep track of your energy output before and after a cleaning because that can be enough motivation to get your panels cleaned. Its worth the investement to have your solar panels cleaned in order to keep them running like the first day you got them.
cleaning your solar cells extends their life.  Keeping them clean also ensures they will last as long as possible.

Improve Efficiency

Extend the life of your Solar

Keep them looking Sharp

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